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Parents Forum

The Parent Forum aims to provide an opportunity for parents and carers to meet with each other and with representatives from the Governing Body and staff to share ideas about the education of their children and to discuss matters of importance to the school as a whole.

 Meetings are chaired by a Parent Governor and minutes taken by a second attending parent governor.

 The Parent Forum welcomes contributions from all parents, carers, governors and staff of the school.

 Meetings are held three times a year, dates are agreed to suit the majority and published in advance.

 The agenda is published in advance on the school website and in book bags or email.

 Contributions to meeting agendas are invited.

 Notes of the Parent Forum meetings are published on the school website within two weeks of each meeting.

 It is the responsibility of the Parent Governor to communicate with the Executive Head Teacher, the Senior  Manager and with the Governing Body, and to report on the matters raised at each meeting of the Parent  Forum.

 The Parent Governors then bring a written response to that report from the Governing Body to the next  meeting of the Parent Forum. This response is also published on the website.

 If you have any items you would like discussed do let us know via the School Office Post Box. 

Parent Forum Meeting November 2016 Minutes

Parent Forum Meeting February 2016 Minutes


PARENT FORUM MEETING: Thursday 4th February 2016  2pm at the school:

Agenda to include:

1) Safeguarding and the general security of the school.

2) How are our children now being assessed under the new curriculum changes?

3) How does the school set measures? 

4) Improvements to the playground at the front?

5) Parking ideas?

Mr Hazelgrove will be present to answer questions.

AGENDA PARENT FORUM MEETING: Thursday 11th June 2015:

1) Lunches and healthy eating;

2) Uniform and adherence to; 

3) Sickness - whether parents are sticking to the 48 hrs rule; 

4) The new parking proposal 

5) AOB (park bin)

AGENDA PARENT FORUM MEETING: Wednesday 12th November 2014  9am in the School Hall:

1) End of the School Day 3.30pm children leaving: Are we prompt?                                                                       2) How well are parents managing parking? All suggestions welcome.                                                                   3) Homework: Are our quantities right?

Parent Forum Meetings are regularly advertised and requests for agenda items are printed in the weekly school newsletter. 

Parents are always welcome at St Loys Church of England Primary Academy.

An appointment is not always needed to see our Headteacher, Rob Hazelgrove or our Senior Management Teacher, Lizzie Humphrey but our school is a busy place and you may have to wait for them to be free.  An appointment is advisable for anything that will take more than a few minutes, please email the school office to arrange a convenient time.

Our teachers are available at the end of each school day to talk over any minor issues.  If you wish to discuss anything for more than a few minutes, please make an appointment through the school office or speak directly to the teacher to arrange a mutually convenient time. As well as the Parents Forum, parents and carers can be involved in the school in numerous ways, for example helping on school trips, listening to children read, working with groups, outdoor games activities etc. new skills and enthusiasms are very welcome.

Every Friday we hold a whole school assembly where we celebrate the childrens' achievements in class or have special guests and presentations; we often send invitations home for parents and carers to attend and hope that you will have the opportunity to join us.

Although, we welcome visitors to our school, we will act to ensure that it remains a safe place for pupils, staff and other members of our community; any anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated, should anyone in the school persist in this kind of behaviour they will be asked to leave the premises and may be prosecuted.